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Visiting the Relatives

Feet traipse across well-worn pebbles, shrouded in a veil of snow-white sand,

Ghostly marram grasses, process quietly alongside the path, leading the way,

In the distance, the evening sun is falling asleep in the soft, undulating sea,

Opening the wrought iron gate, this walled, sacred ground, holds dear, the past, of forebears, 

Resting in eternity. 




Dancing in the soft west side winds,                               

Fields of pale barley corn,

Sway gently under the summer sun,


Wild machair flowers, not wanting 

to be outdone,

Flounce their petticoats of colour,

And, join in this sumertime fun.                              


Bog Cotton 

Bog cotton,

Cotton white,

White silk,

Silk smooth,

Smooth to touch

Bog cotton,

Ghost white,

Fluffy heads,

Lifting skywards,

Spreading sedge.



A Walk

Machair sand,

Marram grass,

Hebridean land,

Quiet trespass,

Hand in hand.


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WASPS Studios, Studio L, Courtyard Studios, 128 Harbour Street, Irvine, Ayrshire. KA12 8PZ